Besta Marine is a Turkish company established to represent international manufacturers and suppliers, to provide consultancy services for Shipyards and Shipowners, to provide engineering and technical services in marine and machinery systems.

Besta Marine, has extensive experience in all phases and elements of shipbuilding and repair.


With the experience of its partners over 25 years in all shipbuilding and repair and its sub-processes, solution-oriented, customer satisfaction and quality-based constantly improving approach is one of the important values of our company that gives confidence to its customers.

In our projects and services; Our main motto is to develop innovative, cost effective and integrated solutions without sacrificing our values. Besta Marine turns obstacles into opportunities for you to help you achieve your mission.


With its integrated solutions and innovative technologies, it aims to add value to your projects thanks to its expertise proven by more than 25 years of experience. From the first ship design to the elaboration of design and shipbuilding support, we provide support to ship programs in various disciplines in the most effective and efficient way.

All kinds of measures are continuously provided by us to ensure that the top quality products of our represented international producers, which have proven themselves on a world scale, are included in your projects in the best way and then for your top level satisfaction.